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Signature Car Collection Review

In A League of Their Own…

I can not tell you how many time’s I’ve heard the saying “Ohh It’s Just A Rental“. Has it ever occurred to people that even if it’s just a rental, that it’s still an Exotic. These “rentals” aren’t your typical Enterprise cars nor are they anywhere in the same ballpark price wise. If you are renting an Exotic it means that you have luxury to rent an exotic.  There are a few Exotic Car Rental Services out there but I have never seen any that compare to the professionalism of Signature Car Collection (Newark, New Jersey).

At a first glance from the outside it may not seem like much but as soon as you enter the building it is as though you have entered a garage fit for a king. 

The Passion…

Just by walking into their establishment you feel like you are about to become a part of something special. When entering I had walked in through their repair facility which could easily be described as any auto-enthusiast dream garage. The First thing I saw when walking in was a lamborghini gallardo on a lift. I soon learned that they worked on their own cars and had people on staff who were certified Lamborghini and exotic technicians.

To me this was something I truly respected about SCC because it shows that they are not only  about business. Anyone can rent exotics to clients but for a business to be passionate and care about their cars enough to have an entire garage dedicated to repairing and maintaining their vehicles shows a lot and is highly respectable in my opinion in this industry. 

More than just a Car Rental Company..

This is not your typical Car Rental Company. Signature Car Collection also does Track events multiple times a year. They bring their company cars and allow people to drive these super cars the way they are meant to be driven. Upcoming Track dates can be viewed on their website.

They also have a collection of old classic super rare cars in the section right next to where they keep their exotics. We were unable to get in but from what I was told it was also converted into a catering hall,. They also have a cigar lounge on the upper level.

Not much else to say…

If you have not used Signature Car Collection… It’s a no Brainer

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