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               A lot of people who know who we are know that we find the craziest and most unique cars around and blow them up like crazy. You’ve seen our coverage on Martino Auto Concepts Art Ferrari and Lamborghini, The HighEnd Performance Rx7 Veilside, and of course the TeamSalamone Chrome Lamborghini Aventador. This feature is not an exotic but it will capture your attention more than most stock exotic cars. This car truly one of a kind and can not be replicated. 

Introducing the #DoWorkSon FR-S build by Salik Zaki aka TeamEcr Sal. You may know Salik from his Scion XA that took home the first ever Pasmag Tuner Battlegrounds competition which was also featured at Sema of 2013. This time although staying in the Scion family moved to the FR-S model.  we asked him why he chose to go with the FR-S and this was his response:

I chose this car because my other show car is also a Scion and I love the ability to customize it however I wanted to build it up still be different. The FR-S to me blends the best of performance and looks, and I always wanted to bring an FR-S build to the table that is totally different than the others we’ve seen.

The stunning colors and arrangement of this paint job is truly indescribable. This build goes to show that no matter how many people own a car you can still make it different than anyone elses

The Mod List

Salik beasted this project in 3 months time. Give a car enthusiast car parts and time and they will surprise you

  • Custom House of Kolor Pagan Gold paint job with full airbrush and candy flake
  • Seibon carbon fiber front lip
  • Seibon carbon fiber rear lip
  • Seibon carbon fiber side skirts
  • Seibon carbon fiber roof
  • Seibon carbon fiber trunk
  • BlakOps carbon fiber hood
  • Winjet JDM style headlight assembly with 6000k HID’s
  • TOM’s LED taillights
  • Pure white LED turn signals and corner lights
  • JDM Toyota badges

  • NRG carbon fiber bucket racing seats
  • NRG 4-point camlock harnesses
  • NRG carbon fiber quick release steering wheel
  • 742 Marketing harness bar
  • Crown Royale shift boot
  • Carbon fiber vinyl wrapped interior pieces

  • KSport Kontrol Pro series coilovers
  • BuddyClub rear lower control arms
  • JSport rear toe control arms
  • H&R 15mm rear spacers
  • Whiteline front camber bolts
  • Whiteline rear camber bushings


  • R1 Concepts E-line custom drilled and slotted rotors with engraved logo
  • HAWK performance brake pads

  • 18×9 Niche custom wheels (front)
  • 18×10.5 Niche custom wheels (rear)
  • Toyo Proxes T1 performance tires
  • McGard custom “86” engraved lug nuts


  •  TRD air intake
  • TRD exhaust
  • PasswordJDM carbon fiber and kevlar engine bay components and washers
  • PasswordJDM gold strut bar and cross bars


  • Pioneer 7″ touchscreen headunit
  • Memphis Audio component speakers
  • Memphis Audio 12″ slim subwoofers (2x)
  • Memphis Audio amplifiers
  • Memphis Audio capacitor
  • ODYSSEY performance battery
  • AppTronics SmartNav rear view mirror
I would like to take the time to adress this paint job. It is very rare that we see something this unique and special. If you do have the option to I would highly recommend that you click the image to enlarge it, so that you can take a closer look.

Personaly my favorite thing about this build is the paint. Not only is the color unique but the patterns seen that crosses through the gas tank cover and the rear wheel wells are truly something I have never seen done before, or at least applied to an automotive paint job. This to me really reinforces the idea that it doesn’t matter how many people have the same make, model and even parts that you have, you can still create a unique piece with the right inspiration.

The paint alone will grab your attention on this car.

Any sponsorship’s?

 742 Marketing, NRG, Toyo Tires, Niche Road Wheels, McGard, R1 Concepts, Memphis Car Audio, PasswordJDM

What was your Inspiration for this theme?

 My inspiration was to do something totally different. I’ve seen tons of other amazing builds using the wide body kits and such, but I wanted to bring something else to the table. I told my body and paint shop let’s go nuts and airbrush it.

What shops were involve in this build? Who did what?

FCR Inc (Weymouth, MA) is the paint and body shop that did all of the custom paint and body work. They also did my interior and engine bay. – HiEndCustoms (Malden, MA) is the audio shop that did all of the custom entertainment work in the trunk and interior.


Whats the Best Compliment / comment you’ve recieved about this build?

 “That’s the coolest car I’ve ever seen, I want a car like that when I grow up” – a kid at the Staggered car show in Connecticut last weekend. It means a lot to me that the kids look up to me and my car builds.

Did everything go smooth? Any problems or bumps during build?

No problems, but nothing is ever going to come without bumps during the build. Mostly timing of shipments of parts but otherwise nothing major.

Did the end result come out as you imagined? Is there anything you would change?

 It came out even better than I had planned. I wouldn’t change a thing!


  • Import FaceOff in Epping NH
  • Hot Import Nights in Worcester MA and NH
  • Tuner Evolution in PA


Salik Zaki

Joshua Sweeney

Featured Shoot Photographer


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