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50 Cent and Winning TeamSalamone Lamborghini

This Sunday 50 Cent and TeamSalamone combined Forces. The Spaceship WINNING Lamborghini will be featured in 50 cents new music video for an upcoming album. There was a lot of speculation as to whether it was a music video or a photo-shoot for the foam sneakers he was wearing but now we have confirmed it was for a video. For anyone who has been living under the a rock and doesn’t know what’s so special about this car, let us just say this. The Car itself retails for around 450 Grand and that’s not to include the custom paint job and Chrome plated vinyl that wraps the car. And the Team inside the car is even more spectacular. A simple Google of “TeamSalamone” will satisfy your curiosity, or if anything simply browse our page Facebook page or website. We are the “TeamSalamone” Exclusive Media Group. (Keep an eye out for our exclusive coverage of the GoldRushRally 😉 )

50 Cent will also be helping out Bryan of TeamSalamone raise funds towards a charity looking to help build schools and water wells in Zambia. Funds will also help rid of the big issue of women and children being abducted and sold in trafficking and as sex slaves. TeamSalamone has always been one to think of charity and this his support on this matter is no surprise.

What will 50 Cent come out with. We are big fans of his here at “Uhh Dope”. We hope to see more of him around our community and even more of him on our radio! It’s been a while since you came out and dominated our ears. It’s about time you come out swinging!


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